Back Pain

Approximately 80% of the population will have one or more episodes of back pain in their lifetime. Back pain is the most common condition seen by physiotherapists at Cheshire Physioactive.

Although often painful and disabling, back pain in most cases is not due to a serious problem. 95% of cases of acute low back pain are due to what we call mechanical or non-specific low back pain, which means that the source of the pain cannot be reliably identified. We also see many cases of back and leg pain, which is commonly called sciatica or nerve root pain, or a “trapped nerve”, and spondylolisthesis or osteoarthritis (arthritis in the spine is usually termed spondylosis by the medical profession or also known as “wear and tear”.

What can physiotherapists do to help back pain?

Evidence based research supports the use of spinal manipulation, mobilisation and massage (hands on manual therapy), exercise rehabilitation and the advice given by physiotherapists for low back pain. Classification of back pain is internationally recognised as the basis for choosing the right therapy for each patient, and the physiotherapists at Cheshire Physioactive are the most experienced in Cheshire. We see many patients who have chronic pain which has not resolved within normal healing times, often having had many sessions of chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy treatment elsewhere. In these cases we provide a multidisciplinary biopsychosocial approach to your rehabilitation often avoiding spinal surgery and improving your chances of recovery or long term management.

The physiotherapists at Cheshire Physioactive will provide you with expert care and an explanation and understanding of your pain, not just a sheet of exercises. There are no waiting times and you can be seen at times convenient for yourself.

If you are suffering from back pain please call us.

Neck Pain

Around 60% of people will suffer from neck pain at some time in their lives. Neck pain is second only to back pain as the most common musculoskeletal condition seen by physiotherapists and GPs.

Physiotherapy for neck pain.

Mechanical or non specific neck pain is the most common type of neck pain but the physiotherapists at Cheshire Physioactive integrate their clinical experience with evidence based research in the assessment and treatment of many different forms of neck pain such as cervical radiculopathy (nerve root pain from the neck or ‘trapped nerve), cervical spondylosis (osteoarthritis of the neck commonly called degenerative wear and tear) and whiplash.
Whilst physiotherapy intervention is most effective within the first 6 weeks we commonly see cases of chronic neck pain and cases of severe headaches coming from the neck. Medical research has advocated a combination of manual therapy (manipulation, mobilisation and massage) and exercise rehabilitation, as used by the physiotherapists at Cheshire Physioactive, as an effective treatment approach for neck pain.

What can Sports Physiotherapy do?

At Cheshire physioactive we see a combination of amateur, leisure and elite sport injuries. Our sate of the art assessment equipment and integrated therapy approach will ensure that all patients get back on track safely.

We see simple sprains or strains of soft tissues to longstanding chronic pain which affects your sports and physical activities. Our physiotherapists can plan the right treatment and rehabilitation approach for you as an individual. Most sport injury recovery plans include some manual therapy (manipulation, mobilisation or massage) but will always include a personalised exercise rehabilitation program (stretching, strengthening, balance work etc).

Other injuries and conditions

From head to toe, we will know what to do!

Generally, pain is what brings people to us, whether it’s arthritis, a simple sprain or a headache. Pain affects all areas of the body, and sometimes there seems to be no reason for it! But there will be! And the challenge for us is to figure out what is causing it, and then provide you with the appropriate treatment, management and advice.

As experts in musculoskeletal health, we see a broad range of work related injuries, medicolegal cases, post-surgical cases as well as general mobility problems where pain may not be the main issue. If you are unsure whether we can help, please give us a call and we can chat about your options.