Fiona Kellett

Director of Physiotherapy

Fiona earned her BSc in Physiotherapy from Queens College in Glasgow in 1990, followed by an MSc from Manchester School of Physiotherapy in 1999. After starting her career in Newcastle and Tyneside, she moved to Manchester in 1995, where she contributed to pioneering new treatments for asthma and bronchiectasis at South Manchester University Hospital. Fiona’s groundbreaking research and clinical work have been presented nationally and internationally, and she has authored numerous medical papers. As a lecturer and student mentor at the University of Manchester, Fiona has also played a key role in undergraduate and postgraduate education.
For the past 15 years, Fiona has focused on providing exceptional musculoskeletal, spinal, and sports injury care in the private sector. She is highly regarded in her field and has worked extensively with British Athletics, professional football clubs, and England Rugby, offering immediate pitch-side emergency care and concussion assessments. Fiona has a special interest in managing young athletes, collaborating closely with coaches and parents to optimize recovery and prevent further injury.
In her endeavour to offer comprehensive patient care, Fiona established Cheshire Physioactive, a state-of-the-art physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre. With a diverse and highly skilled staff, the clinic is dedicated to helping patients achieve their treatment and rehabilitation goals. Fiona’s strong relationships with local General Practitioners and Consultant Specialists, coupled with her trusted status with major insurance companies, ensure that patients receive top-quality care. Over the past 3 years, Cheshire Physioactive has experienced significant growth, engaging in pioneering research with Manchester University, partnering with TCAT Academy, and earning recognition as an OSSUR brace provider, all while continuing to support professional football, rugby union, and rugby league clubs.