About Us

Who we are

An experienced team of diverse and accomplished specialists.

Fiona Kellett is the Director of Physiotherapy at Cheshire Physioactive. She is a highly qualified and respected musculoskeletal and sports injury specialist, member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and a trusted provider for the major Health Insurance companies. Fiona has a BSc, MSc and is also a member of the Health Care Professions Council.

We passionately believe in delivering the highest standard of care in the treatment and management of your physiotherapy and rehabilitation problems .

Our clinical team led by Fiona draws from diverse and experienced specialists to ensure we can meet the very individual needs of all our patients. Physiotherapy assessment, diagnosis and goal setting is paramount in our exercise rehabilitation service. Our bespoke rehabilitation suite provides our team with the ideal resource to manage rehabilitation and recovery and correct those movement patterns or postural issues likely to be at the heart of presenting symptoms.

What we do

A unique bespoke physiotherapy service.

We believe in exercise-based rehabilitation and in enabling our patients to play an active part in their recovery and future injury prevention. There are however times when manual “hands-on” therapy is essential in assessment and treatment. We offer a range of manual treatment options including Soft Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, trigger point release Joint Mobilisation, Joint Manipulation, Stretching and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation. As well as having the latest evidenced based shock wave therapy and other electrotherapy equipment.

Our team’s extensive experience of Sports Physiotherapy also brings a wide variety of amateur and professional athletes to the clinic for the treatment of both acute and chronic injuries. Sports Physiotherapy requires prompt diagnosis followed by the implementation of a clear treatment plan that is appropriate to each individual case. Typical recovery plans incorporate initial manual therapy before quickly transitioning to exercise based rehabilitation.

Our purpose built centre of excellence provides a unique bespoke physiotherapy service to all of our patients.